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Why Do Plumbers Install Gas Lines?

Not surprisingly, many people assume their gas lines are installed by HVAC professionals. After all, gas powers furnaces, boilers and other appliances that help keep your home warm in the brutal Sioux Falls winters. But the best professionals to install gas lines are in fact plumbers. Here are some reasons why.

1. Plumbers Know Best When It Comes to Pipes

Plumbers are trained to service pipes of all types, including pipes that deliver gas instead of water. Pipes that bring gas and water are often made of the same material, but sometimes they’re not. Galvanized steel, for example, is used for hot and cold fresh water and wastewater but not for gas, as the coating will flake off over time and foul up burner units in furnaces. Pipes that deliver gas may also require different fittings and fixtures. A licensed plumber is trained to correctly install gas lines and their fixtures in ways that prevent them from developing dangerous leaks.

2. Plumbers Also Install Gas-Powered Appliances

As licensed plumbers install gas pipes, they also install those appliances that are fed by them. These include gas fireplaces, barbecue grills, water heaters and even HVAC systems. Plumbers are especially necessary if you are remodeling your home and you need new gas lines installed or relocated.

3. Plumbers Know Local Building Codes

Plumbers also know Sioux City’s local building codes when it comes to gas line installation, repair and maintenance. This knowledge helps plumbers service gas lines in ways that are safe for them, safe for your personal health and safe for your home.

4. They Need a Special License to Work on Gas Lines

Plumbers not only need a license to be called a professional plumber, but in many places, they need a special license to be able to work on gas lines. This license makes sure the plumber has the technical knowledge and skill sets to be able to service these types of lines. Gas lines are dangerous if they are improperly installed.

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