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Expert Leak Detection In Sioux Falls

The thought of any water leak in your home is upsetting. However, when you detect the indications of a water leak but cannot locate it, you become even more concerned. It could be a drop in water pressure or a huge bill that alerts you to a hidden water leak in your home and the immediate need for professional Sioux Falls leak detection. The team at AmPm Plumbing offers 24/7 emergency service to locate any Sioux Falls plumbing leak in your home and put an end to your stress and worry. Call (605) 501-5803 and know that our pros will quickly locate any leaky pipe in Sioux Falls.

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Why Concealed Leaks Are Hazardous

The most upsetting part of a concealed water leak in your home is that you have no idea how long it has been leaking. Even a tiny leak can create tens of thousands of dollars in water damage if it remains undetected for weeks or months. In addition, the warmth inside your home combined with the water from the leaking pipe or fitting creates the perfect conditions for the rapid invasion of mold and mildew. As the mold spores increase in number, you could begin to notice unexplained health issues related to exposure to certain types of airborne mold spores.

Common Indications Of A Hidden Plumbing Leak In Sioux Falls

Dripping faucets and leaking hose bibs are easy to spot. However, when the leak is located inside the walls, floors, or ceilings of your home, you might only see subtle hints of the issue, such as :
If you notice any of these signs of a hidden water leak in your home, call (605) 501-5803 for immediate leak detection service in Sioux Falls by the experts at AmPm Plumbing.

The Professional Sioux Falls Leak Detection Choice

If you are putting off leak detection service because you are worried about the damage caused when searching for the leak, let the pros from AmPm Plumbing put your worries to rest. Our experts arrive with the latest leak detection technology, including moisture sensors and sound amplification tools, to noninvasively locate leaky pipes in Sioux Falls. In the hands of our highly skilled pros, this technology lets us find even a tiny leak in your home or concealed under a concrete slab foundation with extreme accuracy. Once the leak is located, we provide you with your options for repairing the issue and the cost of each choice. In addition to this fast and non-destructive leak detection process, locally owned and operated AmPm Plumbing backs each job with a comprehensive warranty. And we offer free price estimates and senior discounts for all of our exceptional leak detection and plumbing services in the Greater Sioux Falls region.

Learn About Our Leak Detection Services

Why do pipes start to leak?
Over the years, galvanized or copper pipes, start to thin or rust out. Plastic water lines like PEX, CPVC, and PVC can all spring leaks due to sun exposure or become brittle with age.

How do you find leaks underground or below a concrete slab?
Detection of underground leaks is performed by using high-powered noise amplification equipment which allows us to pinpoint exactly where the leak is in the system.

How do I know that I have pipe leaks?
Check out your water meter first. If your water meter is running despite every faucet and plumbing fixture of your home or office turned off, then you might have a leak in your plumbing system.

Signs of a water leak include toilets filling up by themselves, high water bills, hot spots on the concrete under your feet, water damage to floors, walls and ceilings, as well as the sound of running water.

The pipes in my basement are turning green. What should I do?
If you have noticed rust or green corrosion on any of your pipes, it’s important to have a plumber take a look at it. Get your pipes checked before the issue becomes bigger.

What do I do to prevent my pipes from leaking?
Get your plumbing system inspected by professional every year and save money on future costly repairs. We know what to look for when we inspect your system – trust us to provide you with quality plumbing maintenance services.

What is galvanic corrosion? How can we prevent it from happening in my plumbing system?
When two dissimilar types of metal touch each other, typically a softer metal like copper and a harder metal such as galvanized steel, the softer metal corrodes away which causes leaks. This is known as galvanic corrosion.

You can prevent galvanic corrosion in your plumbing system by installing your water heater with dielectric unions. Dielectric unions isolate metals from touching each other.