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Plumbing Goals for the New Year

The most significant thing plumbers do is help the communities they serve by providing optimal solutions to their clients. One way of helping the community is to help clients set plumbing goals to keep their plumbing in top shape. To get your new year started on the right foot, follow the below goals recommended by expert plumbers.

Do Not Treat Your Toilet Like the Trash Can

Perhaps, you have been flushing all sorts of things down your toilet, such as baby wipes, cat litter, paper towels, food and other bits of small trash. If you have been doing this, now is the time to stop because your toilet is not the trash can. The only things that you flush down your toilet are waste and toilet paper. Do not even allow flushable wipes to go down your toilet because those also have been known to lead to some serious clogs.

Address Small Problems

If you notice there are small problems, such as banging pipes, pools of water around pipes, a singing toilet or a leaky faucet, you need to address those immediately. Ignoring smaller problems can cause them to eventually become bigger. The cost to fix them will then become enormous, especially because there may be accompanying property damage.

Insulate Your Pipes

Insulating your pipes protects them against freezing. You can insulate your pipes by wrapping them with insulation foam or by using insulation sleeves. You can also use heat tape; however, if you decide to use heat tape, work with a professional plumber because dangers can result if you use heat tape incorrectly.

Be Kind to Your Garbage Disposal

Just as your toilet is not a trash can, the same is true for your garbage disposal. Be careful what you allow to go down your garbage disposal. Do not pour grease and oil down your garbage disposal because once it cools off, it turns solid, and this can cause severe clogs. Additionally, do not allow pits, seeds, bones and high-fiber vegetables to go down your garbage disposal. These can damage the blades and cause your unit to fail.

Maintain Your Hot Water Heater

Often, hot water heaters are forgotten about because they are rarely seen. Even so, you need to maintain your hot water heater, so it continues to supply you with hot water. Have a plumber flush your hot water heater and then maintain a schedule for having it flushed once a year.

Address Water Quality

If you are concerned about contaminants getting into your water or are concerned about your water’s overall quality, have a plumber test your water. While municipal water suppliers do whatever is necessary to ensure residents receive quality drinking water, bacteria and chemicals sometimes make their way into the water supply. If you want to make certain you only receive top-quality water, have a plumber install a whole-house water filtration system.

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