5 Ways to Protect Your Pipes From Freezing

Icicles hanging from a frozen water jets, tube, yellow pipe. aged wall background. winter time concept.

Cold winter weather is invigorating. The air is crisp and clear, and icicles hanging from tree branches create a winter wonderland. At night, you’re curled up inside in front of the fireplace, and worrying about plumbing problems is the furthest thing from your mind — until the pipes burst. Here are five tips to help […]

Seven Signs the Cold May Have Triggered a Slab Leak

7 Signs That There’s a Slab Leak Beneath Your Home If your home is built on a concrete slab, then slab leaks are a potential problem you should be aware of. These leaks occur when something damages one of the water lines running beneath the slab. During winter, the freezing temperatures can sometimes result in […]