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With over 16 years of serving the community of Brandon, SD, AmPm Plumbing is known as the team to trust for exceptional workmanship and pricing. This locally owned and operated business is dedicated to meeting the needs of friends and neighbors in the region, adding value to the community, and exemplifying good stewardship of our planet. From eco-friendly drain cleaning processes to non-invasive leak detection, this team uses all the latest techniques and tools to meet the community’s needs for safe and cost-effective plumbing solutions. Call (605) 501-5803 today for a free price quote or any emergency plumbing service.

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Environmentally Safe Drain Cleaning

The licensed plumbers at AmPm Plumbing use a high-pressure jet of pure water to remove drain clogs and scrub away the sticky residue that will form future clogs. This process is safe for your home’s drain pipes and the environment because there are no harsh chemicals or hazardous heat that they create. In addition, you never need to be concerned about caustic chemical fumes filling your home and causing health issues.

Water Heater Repair And Replacement Solutions

At AmPm Plumbing, we understand that a new water heater is not always in your budget. So our pros work diligently to provide customers with reliable and affordable repair solutions for any gas or electric convention water heater or tankless model that can still deliver years of dependable service. However, if a repair is not a long-term solution, we will work with you to find a water heater replacement option that works for your needs and budget.

Complete Sewer Line Service

When you discover a sewer line leak or blockage, the AmPm Plumbing team is here 24/7 to provide fast and affordable repair and replacement options. In many cases, our pros can use trenchless sewer line repair or replacement techniques to reduce the destruction of your yard and keep the repair as cost-effective as possible. And you will always have the opportunity to see the images of the damage from inside the sewer line before making your decision on our repair recommendation. Our goal is always to provide the information you need to make a wise decision and feel confident in the services that AmPm Plumbing provides.

Expert Leak Detection

A hidden leak in your home can create tens of thousands of dollars in water damage and even cause scary or unexplained health issues. When you call the leak detection experts at AmPm Plumbing, they arrive promptly with the latest leak detection technology to pinpoint the leak and provide you with cost-effective solutions. In addition, we want homeowners to know that this technology allows us to search non-invasively to reduce the cost of the service and damage to your home.

Superior Gas Line Service

When you suspect a gas line leak in your home, please evacuate the house immediately. Then call (605) 501-5803 for professional gas line service from the licensed plumbers at AmPm Plumbing. Never risk your safety or the safety of your home by trying to locate and repair the problem yourself. Our team is available 24/7 to expertly identify and correct any gas line leak in your Brandon home to eliminate the safety issue.